Conference Information

Dear Ministry Leader,

At the turn of the century, there were several "Charlie Chaplin Look-A-Like" contests happening around the country. The film star had captivated the attention of the world in such a way that imitating him had become an art form in itself. According to legend, Charlie Chaplin himself entered one of the contests during a trip to San Francisco. He didn’t even make the cut for the finals. Can you imagine? People gathered from across the region to impersonate Charlie Chaplin—and Charlie Chaplain didn’t even make the cut!

Sadly, ministry can feel an awful lot like that. We are busy with so many things and somehow in all our activity we miss the one thing we were actually called for: God and His glory. He can easily become the name-sake, but be voted out of the contest.

Would you say that you have focused on God the way you should in the last week...month...or even longer?

This January, we are gathering in Jacksonville, FL to think about the glory of our God specifically seen through His attributes. Just like Moses standing before the burning bush, we want to reconsider that "I Am" has sent us. We will hear from men like HB Charles, Jr., JD Greear, John Perkins, JR Vassar, Al Mohler, Erwin Lutzer, and many more. Most importantly, we will worship God as we think about Him, sing about Him, and fellowship with Him.

Registration is now open! The early bird rate is available through November 30, so I encourage you to click the links to the right and reserve your spot! I hope you will join us in Jacksonville this January for the 31st Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference!

Trey Brunson, Conference Coordinator
Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference